About Us


Protect Loved Ones, Together.

Don't Go To Mars, Let's Recycle.

The Earth has nurtured everything for about 4.5 billion years, sunlight, air, water and all the things we need like a mother's care for her children. However, human beings have crossed the line too much, leaving the Earth depleted and exhausted. The air purifiers in nature - ocean and rain forests, can no longer bear the carbon emissions brought about by decades of rapid industrial development. Global warming is reflected in your world with torrential rains, floods, droughts and sea ice collapse, regardless of national boundaries. Before long, everyone will become a climate refugee.

DGM firmly believes that the earth is our only shelter, and we will not go to Mars. We want to stay on earth with beloved ones!
We have invested in research and development of recycling economy of used cooking oil since 2020. Our brand new product is equipped with AI & IoT smart technology to introduce new energy into used cooking oil, subverting the existing recycling model, and striving to provide everyone with a new way to protect the earth.

DGM is a group of young people from different fields. Passion, Persistence and Fearlessness are our characteristics. We dare to break limitations and think outside the box. Every creative idea we come up with is aimed at solving problems for the planet. You can see DGM team's ambition to challenge the present. We are partners at work and confidants in life because "Team Work Makes Dream Work"!

Stay on Earth, Stay with Us.