Stay on Earth, Stay with Us.

Every second spent with you on Earth
is beyond Universe.
Global warming

Climate Change

DGM pays great attention to — Climate Change.
It involves every live on earth to face changing condition of the Earth.

International News

DGM gives ear to — Latest Environmental News.
DGM will keep you updated of newest policies & news of environment protection around the globe.

Total Solution

DGM entirely devotes to — Circular Economy.
DGM turns wastes into value from revolutionizing total solution.

DGM Cares Most About——Our Life on Earth

UN announced that the global weather has officially entered "RED ALERT" from February 2021. What the earth urgently needs is not summits, slogans or other
planet-colonization plan, but to face the truth and take practical actions on climate change.

Emissions reduction is the primary international strategy to combat climate change, and the kinetic energy of industrialization is the main source of carbon emissions, but reducing emissions does not have to stop all industrial development. We've come with up a smarter way to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. Re-use waste into the industrial chain again, to achieve the goal of clean energy. You are an important role in the circular economy, and with DGM's brand new recycling tools, you and we can get to participate the great action of protecting the earth.



Still don't know how to recycle used cooking oil & its benefits?
Tank truck

Waste Collectors

Still don't know a safer, simpler recycling method?
Shake hands

Business Cooperation

Still don't know how to connect the business model to the globe?

Relation between UCO & Clean Energy

Frying oil and waste edible oil generated from cooking can be easily collected and strictly tested by the DGM smart recycling machine, and then filtered and processed by a special subsequent process. The quality meets the international low-sulfur standard. Used Cooking Oil (UCO) can be processed into low carbon fuels such as biodiesel, HVO (third-generation biodiesel) and SAF (sustainable aviation fuel). Compared with traditional diesel, low carbon fuels reduce GHG by 87%, which allows us to better achieve net zero emission.

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